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Starting a New Business

Enns & Company LLP can offer assistance and advice for entrepreneurs who are starting a new business. A meeting with us can help you understand what information reporting requirements the Canada Revenue Agency necessitates for corporations, sole proprietorships and partnerships.

We also can assist and advise on tax planning strategies that your business may want to use.


Bookkeeping Services

For business that require systematic bookkeeping services we refer our clients to Infotrac Systems Inc. Infotrac’s services include daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual bookkeeping. Infotrac provides clients with timely and reliable accounting information; this in turn helps clients to have their accounting recordkeeping up to date and useful for making decisions.

For more information on having Infotrac Systems Inc. provide bookkeeping services for your business please visit their website at www.infotracsystems.ca or call (403) 213- 3125 to speak to a client services representative.

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